The Academic Freedom Alliance is proud to join other notable groups in the movement to defend academic freedom on campus. Other organizations who are active in protecting and advancing academic freedom include:

MIT Free Speech Alliance

The MIT Free Speech Alliance (MFSA) was formed in response to the erosion of free speech on MIT’s campus, where more than half of faculty members reported feeling that their voices were constrained. The MFSA is committed to investigating the current climate on campus, and recommending how MIT can restore free speech, open scientific inquiry, and a tolerance for viewpoint diversity. It is a nonpartisan organization that stands up for free speech and academic freedom for all.

The Classical Liberalism Initiative of the Stanford Graduate School of Business

Stanford’s Classical Liberalism Initiative is devoted to the study of classical liberal institutions and the interactions among individuals, corporations, markets, government, and civic institutions in a free society. CLI seeks to foster an open intellectual environment where all arguments and ideas are critically examined. It does so, in part, through hosting Classical Liberalism Seminars featuring notable voices from across academia and public life. It also hosted an Academic Freedom Conference in 2022 that featured faculty across the country. 

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Individuals at academic institutions should not fear suppression or retaliation for teaching, writing, or speaking. We encourage you to join the movement in supporting the flourishing of intellectual life and the pursuit of knowledge and truth at institutions of higher learning.