Letter to Concordia Wisconsin on Gregory Schulz

Feb 28, 2022 | Press Release

Letter to Concordia Wisconsin on Gregory Schulz

Rev. Dr. Schulz suspended for criticizing university’s “wokeness”

PRINCETON, NJ – The Academic Freedom Alliance (AFA) sent a letter today to Concordia University Wisconsin regarding Rev. Dr. Gregory Schulz, a tenured professor of philosophy who has been suspended and prohibited from entering campus for publishing content critical of the university. On February 14, 2022, he published an article at the Christian News website on “Woke Dysphoria at Concordia.” The article critiques the general “influence of Woke-ism” and is critical in particular of the presidential search for a “disruptive” candidate at Concordia University Wisconsin and the potential conflict between “the Woke agenda” and Lutheran traditions and commitments. 

“I write on behalf of the Academic Freedom Alliance to express our firm view that Professor Schulz should suffer no formal consequences as the result of this published article,” wrote Keith Whittington, chair of the AFA’s academic committee, in the letter to President William Cario. “For Concordia University Wisconsin to punish Professor Schulz for engaging in a public discussion of matters of church principles and university governance would have a profound chilling effect on open discourse by professors on this campus and through the Concordia University system. There is no question that such public speech is fully protected by traditional principles of academic freedom.”

Rev. Dr. Schulz is being represented by the Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty on a pro bono basis. 

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